Cleanning Out The Closets and Giving Back

THIF Clothes 7THIF Clothes 11
It always seems like when it gets colder I start nesting. It's so dreary outside now is the perfect time to clean out closets and do those tasks I don't want to do when it's gorgeous out.
The domestic side of the Lifestylist® Brand is not only about what I do for myself and my family, but what I can do for others. Being a Domestic Lifestylist® is about making a difference.
There are great sales right now on clothing and home items, and the colors that are available are gorgeous. There were some deals that I couldn't walk away from, but we have a rule in my family - if something comes in, more needs to go out.
There are lots of important non-profits that help women "dress for success" and give them the skills and clothes to be able to successfully interview and land a new job. We are also very involved in groups that help homeless families and abused women get back on their feet, including Shared Housing and Genesis Women's Shelter. Knowing that I'm going to be helping others by cleaning out my closets helps me to dig a little deeper and let go of things I might have held on to than can have a better use with someone else.
Today was a great day - I got some great new looks in my closet and helped a lot of women in the process. Recycling at it's finest!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

NYC Uniqlo
With record breaking cold whipping through most of the United States, it's great to be able to find warm, stylish outerwear that won't cost you a week's pay.
Uniqlo is a Japanese company that has opened one of their first store in New York City, and I was amazed by their quality and pricing.
We can't wait until they do more with their online store or open more locations in other cities. Until then, it's a great reason to visit New York!