Street Style in Las Vegas

After spending years in New York we've realized that some of our best fashion inspirations have come from looks that we have seen on the streets.

There was nothing flashy about these two women, but we like they way everything came together. They looked comfortable but chic enough to enjoy all that Las Vegas had to offer.

Street Fair Fashions

One of my favorite things to do when I'm in NYC is to walk the street fairs and vendors to find new trends and ideas. It's always amazing the deals you can find while supporting a local artisan.

I loved these necklaces- the green one went home with me and I wear it constantly.

Ranch Casual

We had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the beautiful Rough Creek Lodge this weekend with some of our foodie friends.

Imagine having a beautiful ranch house on over 11,000 acres to enjoy, and we did! I loved waking up to the sounds of horses munching on hay bales and quail calling from the treetops - wish I was back there now.

The weekend was about getting to know each other and we stayed very casual - lots of black and comfy clothes that made it easy to curl up in a rocker on the porch.

There's Nothing Like A Hat

Summer is here! I was invited to a pool party at The Hammocks at Canandaigua - a luxury living community in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

Fortunately it was a beautiful day, and when I was in TJ Maxx in Canandaigua I noticed this hat that I thought would be perfect for the party and for the carriage horse trials I am attending tomorrow. Trust me - the carriage horse trials is all about great hats.

I love it and the price was definitely right - love looking great on a budget!

The Amazing Iris Apfel

I always look forward to the USA Film Festival - the films are always unique and thought provoking, and the guests are always interesting in talking about their films and craft.

One of my favorites this year was Iris - a wonderful documentary about Iris Apfel. What an amazing woman with an incredible sense of style. She may be in her 90's but she ran circles around teh rest of us and charmed everyone with her stories and wit.

Here's an interview that will give you an idea why you need to go and see this film.

Bombshell Betty Jewelry

Attending the Las Vegas World Market is something this Lifestylist® tries to do twice a year - it's a great way to see what's new and exciting in furniture trends, and they always have some of the best seminars to help me learn what and who will be trending this year.

What I didn't expect is for this market to become my favorite jewelry resource - they have a section in the "C" Building that is filled with artists selling their one of a kind items, and now it's the first place I go - the best items sell out very quickly.

Bombshell Betty is amazing she is as fun as her jewelry is. She takes unusual vintage items and makes them into works of art. I bought this necklace the first time  I met her, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the way she merchandises her art - using old playing cards, popcorn bags and other items make her sense of style memorable.

I've been saving up to make some market buys next week - can't wait to to see what's new!