Dressing Room Nightmares

Believe it or not, I hate shopping, especially for clothes. No matter what I weigh I feel fat, I buy more than I need to because I don’t want to have to repeat the experience any time soon, and I HATE trying on clothes in a dressing room. It used to be so bad that I would just buy everything thinking that I could just bring back what I didn’t want when I tried them on the in privacy of my own home, and never fail I’d lose the receipt or wait to long to take things back.

Yesterday I had to head to the mall to get some new clothes to wear at The International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show. Macy’s was my first stop, and it reminded what I hate shopping. It was a mess, no one wanted to help me, nothing was organized by size and there were literally clothes thrown all over the floor and none of the employees were making any effort to pick things up.

I’m rethinking buying my clothes online - there has to be a better way. How do you like to shop? I’m thinking that finding some online stores that offer free shipping and I can return things to the store might be a better choice for me.

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